About Us 

Journey of Hope Ministries is a non-profit Christian ministry functioning as an arm or extension of the church. The Mentoring  services provided, are by scheduled appointments that are for Couples, Individual or group in nature.

Occasionally we provide teaching and speaking in group settings such as retreats, workshops, or seminars. Our client base is established through the networking happening between our community churches and other ministries. Also by word of mouth and exposure through brochures and speaking engagements.

Our Vision

is that every son and daughter of God, as members of the body of Jesus Christ, be able to live a life of relationship with God and others that are filled with purpose and joy.

The goal of our ministry is to provide Biblical based literature, teaching, mentoring, and discipleship
for those dealing with effects of having experienced the trauma of abuse, grief, and
dysfunctional or broken relationships. We believe healing can happen when people face the
pain of their heart and bring it to their Lord God through Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to function as an arm or extension of the church to assist in:

• Strengthening marriages.

• Bringing to freedom those who have been victims of abuse. (Physical, Verbal, Spiritual, and Sexual)

• Leading and encouraging people through their journey of grief and loss.

• Equipping fathers to win and hold the hearts of their children.

• Challenging men to become passionate about kingdom living.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide Biblical mentoring and discipleship for those interested in dealing with the issues of life that hinder them from experiencing and being all they were created to be. To help people open their hearts, draw near to God, and live for Him in a spirit of worship.

Our Board

We operate under a board of directors.

Herman & Wilma Weaver – Chairman

 David & Esta Troyer – Treasurer

David & Naomi Kanagy – Secretary

Owen Yoder – Director/Couples and single guys Mentor

Naomi Kanagy – Ladies Mentor

Bernie Torrance – Advisor